Every day help for our customers

See here a list of frequently asked questions by our customers. We have listed the most common for you.

  • Best apps out there.
  • Common issues.
  • Technical questions.
  • Questions about connection.
  • Check first if you don’t have any netwerk issues and restart your router.
  • Add again the login details or refresh the list.
  • Reload the portal, if you don’t use a m3uline.
  • If the issues still occurs, feel free to contact us.
  • If there is no playlist, please press 0 to reload the list.
  • If step from above didn’t help, please add your list again via siptv.eu/mylist see tutorials for the instructions.
  • If you need any help, feel free to ask.
  • Reduce your list after this it will work better. Please let us know wich countries you want to receive.
  • Apps who are facing this issues: Smart iptv app / Kodi / VLC
  • For having the best performance and a stable connection, please connect your device with a cable to internet. If you don’t have this option use wifi 5ghz.
  • It happens that a channel freezes, please check if you have this on more channels. If yes, its a temporary network issue.
  • You can test this with speedtest.net you need around 40 – 50 mpbs to watch iptv without any problems. If your connection is slower try to upgrade your internet.
  • To use catchup, you will need a subscription on the premium server.
  • For m3uline you can use: Iptv smarters pro / Gse app / Tivi mate.
  • For portal, you can use the tv guide and watch programs back.

The box we recommend is the Formuler z8 or z Alpha. This box has the best iptv app available: Mytvonline2.

It is best to use the smart stb app on the smart TV.
You can also look back via this app.

Take a look at the iptv smarters app, it is easy to install via the xtream codes login method.
Stbemu this one has the same menu as a magbox.
Tivimate very clear app, competitor of mytvonline2 app.

We are available by email 7 days a week. We respond the same day, normally this is within a few hours at busy times sometimes longer.

At busy times it can sometimes take longer than a few hours, normally you will receive a response the same day.
Also keep an eye on your spam box, as emails can often end up there.
If you haven’t received a response yet, send another message the next day.

No, you are not tied to a contract. All subscriptions we offer expire automatically. Try to extend a few days in advance so as not to be without a TV.

First of all, you need an app or box that supports iptv. Most smart TVs have these apps available, but we always recommend using a box for the best performance.
You also need a reasonably fast internet connection to watch IPTV. See speedtest.net if your speed is 40 – 50 mpbs or higher then it is ok.
If you are not sure whether your connection is not fast enough, take a day pass and you can test it first.

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